Computer Science Colloquium Series 2008-2009

The Department of Computer Science holds bi-weekly research colloquia and social hours. All university students, faculty, and staff are invited to attend. The full schedule of this year's events is below (check here for last year's events). If you would like to receive notifications about new and upcoming events, please subscribe to our mailing list.

September 8 Tao Xie, North Carolina State University
Improving Software Productivity and Quality via Mining Program Source Code
October 20 Alex Gelman, NETovations Group
Consumer Communications and Networking: Riding the Waves of Disruptive Technologies
November 3 Alla Safonova, University of Pennsylvania
Exploring Low-dimensionality of Human Motion for Realistic Human Motion Synthesis
November 17 Rosina Weber, Drexel University
Representing and Retrieving Knowledge Artifacts
December 1 Dana Nau, University of Maryland
Planning for Interactions with Multiple Autonomous Agents
December 8 Jay Modi Memorial Lecture
Milind Tambe, University of Southern California
Multiagent Systems: Lessons Learned From Putting Theory Into Practice
January 12 Leo Grady, Siemens Corporate Research
A General Purpose Image Segmentation Algorithm Using Analytically Evaluated Random Walks
January 20 Christopher Geib, Edinburgh University
Using Lexicalized Grammars for Plan Recognition
February 9 Jingyi Yu, University of Delaware
Beyond Perspective Cameras: Multiperspective Modeling, Rendering, Imaging, and Projection
February 23 Dimitris Metaxas, Rutgers University
Stochastic, Hybrid Deformable Modeling Methods for Segmentation, Tracking, Classification and Simulation
March 5 Joint Physics-CS Event
Alexander Gray, Georgia Institute of Technology
Algorithms for Machine Learning on Astronomically-Large Datasets
March 9 Edward Jones, Lockheed Martin Corporation
Models, Multi-Models and NAOMI - Addressing Issues Associated with Modeling Large, Complex Systems
April 6 Joint IST-CS Event
David Aha, Naval Research Laboratory
Recognizing Maritime Threats: An Application of Relational Object Classification via Collective Inference
April 20

Jeff Gray, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Automating Software Evolution through Model-Driven Engineering

May 6 Distinguished Lecture
James Herbsleb, Carnegie Mellon University
The Architecture of Coordination
May 18 Distinguished Lecture
Bernard Chazelle, Princeton University
The Algorithmic Age
June 1 Xiaoming Li, University of Delaware
A Control-structure Splitting Optimization for GPGPU


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