Project SPARC Abstract

Project SPARC amplifies the middleware runtime Trentino, used to execute services on a technologically driven power grid device (Smart- Grid), to allow communication with "power- related" hardware devices. Our team will develop a framework to allow the binding of protocols from several different industries to Trentino, thus, empowering the SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) runtime to extend across these industries. For the proof of concept, we will create a binding that will allow the control of BACnet devices (such as HVAC systems) through devices running Trentino. The initial use cases supported will be:

  • Response in real-time to price changes or utility directives, by reducing or increasing the power demand of devices at home or in commercial environments (factories, plants, offices etc.)

  • Web, Android and iOS based user interfaces to setup, control and monitoring of the Smart-Grid Client device

Whats New
  • Demo Video Finalized.

  • Documentation Finalized.

  • UI Layouts completed.