2003 was the first year the Department of Computer Science had a outstanding senior project award. Of the many excellent projects deserving recognition, two projects were selected, one from each Software Engineering Workshop section.

The SpiderGraph

SpiderGraph is an enhanced web navigation tool that generalizes the forward and back buttons by using a graph to keep track of recently visited sites. The Hudson project developed a navigational and route planning program and interface that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Team Members: Marc Cohen, Patrick DeMoss, Yevgen Voronenko, Frederick Walsh, Leland Weeks

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Team Members: Ryan Coup, Ignacio Delgado, James Lee, Kevin Matthews, Nick Morizio, Stanislav Ostrikov


The following projects received honorable mention:

  • Programming Contest Command & Control System (PC^3) is designed to replace the current software used in the ACM-programming contests. The team gave a flawless demo that involved some 10 machines inside the lab and in remote locations. Here is the team page: Team members are: Matthew Rocco Amato, Andrew Vincent Cortese, Anthony James Ferrigno, Jeffrey Herbert Johnson, Jeffrey M White.
  • Blackjack Simulation System (BSS) allows users to simulate thousands of games of blackjack with player strategies determined by user-configured rules. A statistical analysis determines the effectiveness of the strategies. Here is the team page: Team members are: John Joseph, John S Osborne, Piotr Szajowski, William Vuong.
  • CAD Cabinet This project is an effort to introduce an efficient implementation of a search engine for 3D CAD models and engineering designs. Team members are: Benjamin Grooters, Cheuk-Yiu (Horace) Ip, San Kwak, Kin-Ho (Dennis) Kwan, Robert Lass.
  • SwingPix Photo Organizer SwingPix is a comprehensive and intuitive system that will allow a user to tag, organize and modify images and photographs. Team members are: Justin Berstler, Aju Mathew, Yinka Ogungbemi, Yinka Olabinjo, John Rountree, Mathew Schaffer.