Instructors: Jeff Salvage and Werner Krandick

Jeff Salvage

Werner Krandick

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  • Curtis 340

Potential Projects
Students either select a project from a group of proposals developed by CS faculty, external source, or they may propose a project themselves.

Actual Projects
The following projects have been selected by students for the 2008-2009 Senior Design.

2008-2009 Schedule
While each project is developed under it's own developement plan, each project must conform to a schedule of deliverables set for all groups.

Course Objectives (CS 490-492)
1) To work efficiently in a team of peers.
2) To give software specifications that are clear, detailed, complete, consistent, usable, and modifiable.
3) To design software according to specifications.
4) To implement a design of significant complexity.
5) To review software projects of other teams.
6) To develop documentation, writing and oral presentation skills.

Non Colaboration of a Team Member
Read the following policy if you have issues with your teammates

Intellectual Property Issues
The legal staff put together a simple powerpoint presentation explaining the complex issues of Intellectual Property at Drexel.

Academic Honesty
The university's Academic Honesty Policy is in effect for this course.



Roger S. Pressman, Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, Sixth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2005.