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Software Engineering Workshop Winter 2013 - CS 492

The Software Engineering Workshop I,II, II(CS 491-493) serves the purpose of a capstone experience for students in their senior year. The workshop provides students with the opportunity to prepare for careers as professional software developers by working in teams on a significant software development project.

All CS and SE seniors are required to complete a three term software engineering project, in which teams of 4 to 7 students are required to specify, design, implement and test a substantial software project. Projects are judged on originality, compliance with software engineering principles, completion, and deployment.

Instructor: Jeff Salvage

E-mail:, I also have, please do not write to both places.
Office: Crossings 112
Office Hours: TBD
Lecture: Tuesday 6:30 - 9:30 according to schedule below,

Teaching Assistant: There will be no TA for this class

Grading Scheme

  • In class review of initial review of Requirements Document and ATP- 10%
  • Requirements Document & Acceptence Test Plan Submission - 25%
  • Design Document Submission - 15%
  • Advisor/Coordinator Evaluation of Application - 50%
  • Peer Review and Course Evaluation - 5%
  • Do we want another presentation at the end of the quarter? I am thinking if we do a real eval of the app, this may be unneccessary

Course Objectives (CS 492)
1) To work efficiently in a team of peers.
2) To give software specifications that are clear, detailed, complete, consistent, usable, and modifiable.
3) To design software according to specifications.
4) To implement a design of significant complexity.
5) To review software projects of other teams.
6) To develop documentation, writing and oral presentation skills.

These three courses are writing intensive which means that you are engaging in the process of writing and revising. The writing center is available to support you

Class Schedule

Tuesday, January 7th, Discuss quarter outline, Review initial Requirements Documents and ATP with coordinator.
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, January 14th
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, January 21st - Lecture Design Documents. ...more
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, January 28th
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, February 4th - Requirements Document and Acceptance Test Plan Submission to WebCT.
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday February 11th - Meet with groups to discuss RD and ATP
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, February 18th - Design Document Submission
Submit your review (PDF format) of the team you are assigned to review.
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, February 25th - Meet with groups to discuss DD.
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Tuesday, March 4th
Status Reports for Team submitted to webCT.

Week of March 11th - Advisor/Coordinator evaluation of working application

The writing center offers:

  • Face to face and email appointments.  Peer readers are available to meet students from 9-5 Monday through Friday in the Writing Center, as well as limited evening and weekend hours at Hagerty Library. In addition, students can sign up for a designated time to have their papers reviewed electronically. To make an appointment for a face-to-face or online tutoring time, students should go to and choose the option “Peer Readers, Spring, 11” and select a convenient appointment time.  If students want an email response, they should attach their papers and assignments when they sign up for an appointment slot.  (NOTE—students must sign up for an email review to have their papers reviewed; they should NOT send papers to directly.)  Limited walk-in service is also available at the Writing Center, M-F, 9-5.
  • Workshops conducted by English Department Faculty and Library staff at Hahnemann and Hagerty Libraries and online.  Please check the Writing Center Website ( for a current schedule.  
  • English Faculty appointments.  Faculty are available at the Writing Center and limited evening and weekend hours at the Hagerty and Hahnemann libraries. Students should to go and choose the option “Faculty Readers, Spring, 11” to make these appointments. 
  • Online English faculty appointments.  English Faculty members are available for online consultation via Adobe Connect rooms and Skype.  Students should go to the Writing Center electronic scheduler at and choose the option “Online at the Writing Center, Spring, 11” from the drop down menu to make these appointments.  All online sessions must be scheduled in advance.

Syllabus Statement
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Mixed SE-CS teams
Interdisciplinary teams
Non-Collaboration of a Team Member

Intellectual Property
Academic Honesty

Roger S. Pressman, Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach, Seventh Edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010.

CS 493 Syllabus