Non-collaboration of a team member

All team members will receive the same grade. However, if a team member does not collaborate, then that team member can be assigned an F with all the consequences including the inability to graduate. Non-collaboration of a team member is determined using the following process.

Towards the end of the term the team leader files a formal complaint about the team member with the team's faculty advisor. If the advisor deems the charges substantial, the advisor calls a meeting for the entire team and informs all team members of the charges. At the meeting, the defendant team member has a chance to respond. If the charges are found to be true then that team member receives an F.

Here are some things to consider before the process is started. While it might be true that a certain team member "never contributed anything", it might also be the case that the team leader "never assigned anything". Proper assigning means

(1) to define a task, to
(2) to assign it to someone, and to agree with that person on
(3) a deliverable and
(4) a due date.

For the purposes of the meeting the team leader needs to document tasks that were properly assigned but not done.

Missing meetings is evidence of non-collaboration that is easy to document. The team leader needs to document that a meeting time was agreed on, and that the defendant team member did not show up.