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To re-submit work to Blackboard Vista

Note: This only works up until the original due date. Before the due date, you may submit as many times as you want. After the due-date, but before the cutoff date, you may only submit something if it is your first submission for that assignment. I know, this is silly, but it's not our doing. I've complained to the authors about this for a couple years now.

First, we need to remove the assignment from the Submitted tab back to your Inbox. There are 2 ways:


  1. Click on Assignments in the left-hand pane, not the Submit Your Labs link from the content page.
  2. Click on the Submitted tab, at the top.
  3. There is a little icon, looks like this: , to the right of the assignment. Click on this icon, not on the link for the assignment.
  4. From the pop-up list that appears, choose Take Submission Back to Inbox
  5. Make sure that the Inbox tab, at the top, is selected.
  6. Click on the link for the assignment now.
  7. No, I mean now (just kidding)
  8. 2

    From the assignment itself:

  9. Click on the assignment, either from the Assignment tool, or the assignment listing in the Get/Submit page.
  10. Click the icon, located on the right, just below the Status text.

Now the assignment has been "unsubmitted". It needs to be submitted again. Before you do this you may detach old files, reattach new ones, etc.:

  1. You can click on the attachment to download it, if you want to keep editing.
  2. Use the icon to the right of the attachment to remove the old attachment.
  3. Upload (attach) your updated file.
  4. Click Submit

If you just want a copy of the file, you should also be able to find the attachment in the assignment under the Submitted tab without taking it back.

If you're having trouble w/this, stop in 147 UCross, ask one of the TAs there.