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2010-06-11: Hi Everyone,

We hope all went well with your final exams this term.

We've just posted your cs123 final grades on bbVista for your review. Please contact your individual instructor with any remaining issues no later than Monday (6/14) at noon. Grades will be entered into Banner by Wednesday (6/16 - noon).

It was not necessary to add additional points to produce a modified "curve". Overall, approximately 49% received some form of A grade, while another 28% received some form of B. The median grade for the course was 87.

You grade was calculated as follows:

  1. Averages (on a 100 point basis) were computed for lab, quiz, quizlet and proficiency exam components. Adjustment fields accounted for excused labs, quiz and quizlet activities.

  2. These averages were combined using the following weights:

    Final score (before bonuses) = lab score * 0.40 + quiz score * 0.20 + quizlet score * 0.04 + Proficiency exam score * 0.36

  3. Bonuses (for evaluation submission, 5/11 lecture attendance and special consultation sessions) were then applied to the score calculated in step 2.

  4. Finally, the final scores were mapped to letter grades as follows:
    96.5 + A+
    92.5 + A
    89.5 + A-
    86.5 + B+
    82.5 + B
    79.5 + B-
    76.5 + C+
    73,5 + C
    69.5 + C-
    66.5 + D+
    49.5 + D
    less than 49.5 F

Please have an enjoyable and relaxing break, and good luck as your studied at Drexel continue!

The CS123 Instructors

2010-06-05: Hi Everyone,

Please note that those students who have Monday CS123 lab sections (061 through 064) will have their proficiency exam on Monday, 6/7 at their regularly scheduled lab time.

If you have missed your regularly scheduled exam this past week, you are responsible for scheduling a makeup exam:

  1. Go to the course web site and note when the Monday (6/7) exams are scheduled.
  2. Contact the instructor(s) for the section(s) in which you are interested and request permission. PLEASE BE SURE TO COPY YOUR REGULAR INSTRUCTOR. He / she may be asked to approve the exception.
At present, there are no specific dates and times during finals week formally scheduled for makeups, so completing your exam commitment on Monday is the best way to ensure completion of the course.

The CS123 Instructors

2010-06-03: Hi Everyone,

We hope your proficiency exams are going well. If you have missed your exam, please contact your instructor immediately to re-schedule before the end of the exam period (Monday, 6/7). No one is exempt from the proficiency exam!


  1. Quiz 4 has been imported into bbVista and is now available for your review. Please be sure to contact your instructor to resolve all grading issues by Monday, 6/7 at the latest.
  2. The student evaluation site ( is now available. If you submit an evaluation before midnight on 6/9, you will receive a 2% bonus to your final grade.
  3. On Friday, 6/11, a draft of final grades (including bonuses for student evaluations and the 5/11 lecture attendance also with previously agreed upon lab / quiz exemptions) will be released on bbVista. You will have until Monday, 6/14 to contest any (non lab / quiz grade) issues.
Good luck with your final exams.

The cs123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

Here are some announcements and thoughts as we head into the Proficiency Exam:

  1. Proficiency Exam items
    1. Exams will be held during the week of 5/31 at your regular lab time. Please note that students with Monday labs will be taking the exam on Monday, 6/7 (last day of classes).
    2. Practice exams are available and will remain posted throughout the exam week (although only in the evenings from 6/1 through 6/7)
    3. Be sure to contact your instructor if you are eligible for extended time
    4. Please note that graduating seniors are NOT exempt from the exam.
    5. You must use the lab computers for the proficiency exam. Please do not bring your own laptop.
  2. A 2% bonus to your final course grade will be applied for anyone who submits a cs123 course evaluation (by midnight of Wednesday 6/9). The site will be available shortly.
  3. Lab 4 scores have been released in bbVista. Please check your grade along with scores for all labs and quizzes to date and contact your instructor immediately with any problems. We will not be resolving issues for these grades during final exam week or beyond.
Good luck next week and with your final exams in 2 weeks!

The cs123 Instructors

2010-05-24: Hi Everyone,

Practice quizzes and quizlets (along with an extra problems quiz) are now available and will remain up all week and evenings during proficiency exam week.

The CS123 Instructors

2010-05-21: Quiz 4 hint sheet has been posted here.


Hi Everyone,

We are almost at the conclusion of our final cs123 lab, with the following items for you to consider:

  1. Please contact your instructor if you are eligible for extended exam time for the Proficiency Exam.
  2. Graduating seniors are NOT exempt from the Proficiency Exam.
  3. Grades for Quiz 3 and Quizlet 4 have been posted on bbVista. Please be sure to review all bbVista grades and report any issues to your instructor immediately.
  4. Quiz 4 will be available at 6 PM this evening. It's deadline is Wednesday (5/26) at 4:30. A makeup quiz (at 30% penalty) will also run from 5/27 through Sunday, 5/30. In conjunction, the CLC will be staffed with Maple consultants throughout week 9.
  5. More information will be available shortly on the process for obtaining a 2% bonus for submitting a student course evaluation.
  6. Proficiency exam prep
    1. Practice quizzes for all cs123 quizzes and quizlets will be posted on Monday (5/24). All questions on the Proficiency Exam will be taken from these tests along with an "extra problems" quiz, which will also be made available on 5/24.
    2. The exam will be given in week 10 (week of 5/31), with the exception of Monday sections, which will have their exams on Monday, 6/7 (last day of regular classes). Please attend your scheduled lab session in week 10.
We'll be back next week with another update and information.

The CS123 Instructors

2010-05-15: Lab 4 lecture notes have been posted here.


Hi Everyone,

As we approach the 4th and final cs123 lab cycle, here are some points to consider:

  1. Grades for Lab 3 have just been released to bbVista. Please review (along with all grades to date) and contact your instructor with any issues.
  2. The quiz 3 makeup (30% penalty) is now active.
  3. Lab 4 lab materials (lab description and chapter readings) have been posted here. PLease be sure to review and take the 4th quiz (open through Monday 5/17 at 8 AM).
  4. MapleSoft presentation ("Why math is important in engineering") - a final (recorded) session will be played today at 4 PM in Korman 110.
The CS123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

For those who were unable to attend the live presentation this morning by Dr. Tom Lee ("Why we study math in engineering"), the following 2 recorded sessions will be presented:

  1. Wednesday, 5/12 @ 3 PM - 110 Korman
  2. Thursday, 5/13 @ 4 PM - 110 Korman
Each session will last approximately 1 1/2 hours. In order to receive a 2 % grade bonus, you must officially sign in (please have your day and section number ready) when you arrive. Seating will be limited to 40 students (1st come, 1st served basis).

The cs123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

As a follow up to recent in class and email announcements, here are the attendance logistics for tomorrow's Maplesoft (Dr. Tom Lee) talk:

Date and time : Tuesday, 5/11 at 9:30 AM (1 hour)

Location - Mitchell Auditorium (Bossone Building)

Attendance procedure


In order to receive a 2% course bonus for attending the talk, you must sign in at the attendance table in front of the entrance to the auditorium. Please state your day of cs123 class (Monday --> Friday), section and last name. Please arrive a bit earlier than 9:30 so that we can efficiently process the anticipated large number of students. PLEASE BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR DAY AND SECTION NUMBER!!

Dates for the recorded version of this talk will be announced tomorrow afternoon.

See you tomorrow!
The CS123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

The hint Slides for quiz 3 has been posted.Please visit the CLC with any questions or problems.

The CS123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

As we come to the conclusion of the 3rd lab, here are some items of information for your consideration:

  1. Grades for Quiz 2 and the Lab 3 Quizlet have been posted on bbVista. Please be sure to review and contact your instructor immediately if you notice any issues.
  2. Dates for remainder of cycle:
    1. Quiz 3 - will release on Friday (5/7) at 6 PM and available through Wednesday (5/12) at 4:30 PM. A makeup quiz (at a 30% penalty) will run from next Thursday through Sunday evening (11:30 PM).
    2. Lab materials for Lab 4 along with the pre lab quizlet will be released on Thursday (5/13).
  3. Graduating senior? - we are currently looking into the policy for graduating seniors taking cs123 this term and will communicate it as soon as it is confirmed. In the meantime, please do NOT assume that you are exempt from the proficiency exam (conducted in week 10).
    • Presenter - Tom Lee (MapleSoft)
    • 9:30 to 10:30 AM - in Bossone's auditorium
    A 2% bonus will be awarded to everyone in attendance. In order to receive this bonus, you must sign the attendance sheet at the front door prior to entering the auditorium!
A reminder and final attendance details will be issued on Monday

Additional sesions will be re-played from a recording of the original lecture for those unable to attend the live presentation (2% bounus also applies). Dates, times and locations will be communicated next week as soon as logistics have been confirmed. IN THE MEANTIME, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT INSTRUCTORS OR STAFF FOR AN UPDATE; WE WILL RESPOND VIA AN EMAIL COMMUNICATION.

Good luck with the upcoming quiz. Please remember that the CLC (room 147 UC) will be staffed throughout quiz week to assist.

The CS123 Instructors

2010-04-29: Lab 3 materials (lab direction, chapters, lecture notes, and the demo) have been posted here.


Hi Everyone,

Here are some items for your consideration for the upcoming lab(3) cycle:

  1. Materials (lab description and 2 new reading chapters) will be posted on the course and bbVista sites later this afternoon. PLease review and then take the pre-lab quizlet, which will remain available through Monday (5/3) at 8 AM.
  2. The quiz 2 makeup is now available through Sunday at 11:30 PM. Please note that it contains a 30% penalty.

Please keep in mind this date:

Date and time : Tuesday, 5/11 from 9:30 to 10:30 AM

Location - Mitchell Auditorium

Lecture Topic - "Why we use math in engineering" by Tom Lee (Ph.D, PE, Maplesoft)

A bonus will be offered to all in attendance (details to be communicated during lab week)

In addition, there will be repeated taped sessions for those unable to attend the live meeting!

The CS123 Instructors

2010-04-24: The hint sheets for Quiz 2 has been posted.


Hi Everyone,

As we head toward completion of our 2nd lab, just a few reminders:

  1. Grades for Quizlet 2 and Quiz 1 have been posted to bbVista. Please report any issues to your instructor immediately.
  2. Quiz 2 is scheduled for release on Friday at 6 PM. Hint slides will be send to you over the weekend. As usual, a makeup quiz (at 30% penalty) will run from Thursday (4/29) through Sunday evening. Please be sure to visit the CLC with any questions or problems next week.
The CS123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

Here are some notes and announcements for the upcoming lab (2) cycle:

  1. Lab 1 scores have been posted to bbVista. Please remember to review and report any issues to your instructor immediately.
  2. Another reminder - in order for us to process your questions and issues effectively, it is critical that you send them only to your individual instructor. PLEASE DO NOT SEND TO ANY GENERAL GROUP EMAIL LIST OR TO DR. CHAR (unless you are in 1 of his sections (061 or 062)).
  3. The materials for lab 2 will be posted later this afternoon. Please note that the pre-lab quizlet is active until Monday (4/19) at 8:30 AM. Also, the makeup quiz (at 30% penalty) is open until Sunday (4/18) evening at 11:30 PM.

    You will need a working copy of the final script developed in lab 1 for the AC simulation with air flow control. PLease be sure to locate and have ready to upload into Maple prior to your lab session.

See you next week in lab. Enjoy your weekend.

The CS123 Instructors

2010-04-10: Quiz 1 hint sheets have been posted.


Hi Everyone,

As our initial cs123 lab activities come toward a conclusion, here are some items for your consideration:


  2. Please make sure that you can log into MapleTA this term. If your id/password combination does not seem to work, please contact your instructor. Note that there will be NO excused absence from Quiz 1 due to a login issue.

  3. Quizlet 1 results have been released to bbVista. Please check and notify your instructor of any discrepancies immediately.

  4. Quiz 1 will be made available on Friday (4/9) at 6 PM and will remain open through Wednesday (4/14) at 4:30 PM. Quiz hint sheets will be emailed to you over the weekend. Please visit the CLC (room 147 University Crossings) for quiz or general Maple assistance.

Good Luck!
The cs265 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

CS123 labs will begin on 4/5.

The Lab 1 materials have been posted here and bbVista.

In addition, the pre-lab 1 quizlet will become available at 3 PM today and will remain open through Monday (4/5) at 8 AM. Your MapleTA ids and passwords have been (re)set to your Drexel id and 8 digit student number respectively; please be sure to report any MapleTA login issues to your instructor immediately.You will not be excused from any quizzes this term because your MapleTA id / password was not working!

We're looking forward to working with you this term

The CS123 Instructors


Hi Everyone,

Welcome back for the Spring term of cs123.

Classes begin on Monday, April 5th. Please check your schedules for the date, time and location of your section.

On Thursday, lab materials will be posted on the course site :

In addition, a MapleTA quizlet will be released on Thursday at noon. A follow up email will notify you when this information has been posted.

The staff is looking forward to working with you to complete your Computation Lab experience.

The cs123 Instructors

2010-03-20: Classes start Monday, April 05. Check the schedule to see when your lab meets.