Tech Report Archive

Title Author Date Download
De-anonymizing Programmers via Code Stylometry Aylin Caliskan-Islam, Richard Harang, Andrew Liu, Arvind Narayanan, Clare Voss, Fabian Yamaguchi, and Rachel Greenstadt 1/21/2015 Download
Digital Rights Management of Code: The SecModule Framework Jason W. Kim 2005/02 Download
Synthesis of application-level utility functions for autonomic self-assessment Download
Base Line Performance Measurements of Access Controls for Libraries & Modules Jason W. Kim & Vassilis Prevelakis 2005/09 Download
Drexel Object Occlusion Repository (DOOR) Trip Denton, John Novatnack & Ali Shokoufandeh 2005/08 Download
Max-Min Fair Input-Queued Switching Madhusudan Hosaagrahara & Harish Sethu 2005/11 Download
The Representation & Matching of Categorical Shape Ali Shokoufandeh, Lars Bretzner, Diego Macrini, M. Fatih Demirci, Clas Jönsson, & Sven Dickinson 2005/10 Download
Wireless Internet Collaboration System on Smartphones Nadya Belov, Ilya Braude, Werner Krandick, & Joshua Shaffer 2005/05 Download
A Survey of Randomization Techniques Against Common Mode Attacks Angelos D. Keromytis & Vassilis Prevelakis 2005/04 Download
Architecture-Aware Classical Taylor Shift by 1 Jeremy R. Johnson, Werner Krandick, & Anatole D. Ruslanov 2005/06 Download
3D Surface Reconstruction and Visualization of the Drosophila Wing Imaginal Disc at Cellular Resolution L. Bai, T. Widmann, F. Juelicher, C. Dahmann, D.E. Breen 2012/05 Download
A New Perspective on Predicting Maintenance Costs Florian Uunk, Rick Kazman, Yuanfang Cai, Noah Black, Carlos Andrade, Giuseppe Valetto, Lu Xiao, Fetsje Bijma 2012/09 Download
Architecture Recovery Based on Design Rule Hierarchy Yuanfang Cai, Hanfei Wang, Sunny Wong, Linzhang Wang 2011/03 Download
Myconet: A Fungi-inspired Model for Superpeer-based Peer-to-Peer Overlay Topologies Paul L. Snyder, Rachel Greenstadt, and Giuseppe Valetto 2009/01 Download
Clustering Solid Models for Database Storage Mitchell Peabody, William C. Regli, David T. McWherter, & Ali Shokoufandeh 2001/04 Download
CUP: A Computer-Aided Conceptual Design Environment for Assembly Modeling Lisa Anthony, William C. Regli, Jon E. John, & Santiago V. Lombeyda 2001/05 Download
A Collaborative 3D Environment for Authoring of Design Semantics Christopher D. Cera, William C. Regli, Ilya Braude, Yuri Shapirstein, & Cheryl V. Foster 2001/06 Download
Design, Optimization, & Implementation of a Universal FFT Engine P. Kumhom, J. R. Johnson & P. Nagvajara 2000/01 Download
A Virtual Audio Driver for the Internet Speaker Ishan Mandrekar & Vassilis Prevelakis 2002/05 Download
Clustering Techniques for Databases of CAD Models Mitchell Peabody & William C. Regli 2001/01 Download
An Approach to Indexing Databases of Solid Models David McWherter & William C. Regli 2001/02 Download
An Approach to Indexing Databases of Graphs David McWherter, Mitchell Peabody, William C. Regli, & Ali Shokoufandeh 2001/03 Download
A Flexible Self-Optimizing Framework for Implementing FFT Processors Michael A. Balog, III & Jeremy R. Johnson 2002/03 Download
A Reverse Engineering Portal Web Site Congrong Liao & Spiros Mancoridis 2002/04 Download
Music Genre Classification Using Sparsity-Eager Support Vector Machines Kamelia Aryafar, Sina Jafarpour and Ali Shokoufandeh 2012/03 Download
Detecting Design Rule Violations Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai, Miryung Kim and Michael Dalton 2010/01 Download
Designing Self-Organizing Software with a Design Pattern Catalog: A Case Study Paul Snyder, Giuseppe Valetto, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, and Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo 2012/02 Download
Design and Modeling for Self-Organizing Autonomic Systems Paul Snyder and Giuseppe Valetto 2012/01 Download
Evolution Analysis of Large-Scale Software Systems Using Design Structure Matrices & Design Rule Theory Matthew J. LaMantia, Yuanfang Cai, Alan D. MacCormack, & John Rusnak 2007/03 Download
Approaches for Universal Static Binary Translation Marc Angelone & Vassilis Prevelakis (MS Thesis) 2006/02 Download
Expertise in Math Doctors Ian Underwood, Steve Weimar, Robert Rider, Thomas Hewett, Bruce Char, Jeremy Johnson & Werner Krandick 2006/03 Download
High-Performance Implementations of the Descartes Method Jeremy R. Johnson, Werner Krandick, Kevin M. Lynch, David G. Richardson, Anatole D. Ruslanov 2006/04 Download
Ask Dr. Math: The Tenure Process Ian Underwood, Steve Weimar, Robert Rider, Thomas Hewett, Bruce Char, Jeremy Johnson, Werner Krandick 2006/05 Download
Market-based Bandwidth Charging Framework David Turner, Vassilis Prevelakis, & Angelos D. Keromytis 2006/06 Download
Securing Access to Libraries & Modules: The SecModule Framework Jason W Kim & Vassilis Prevelakis 2006/07 Download
Predicting Change Impact from Logical Models Sunny Wong and Yuanfang Cai 2009/02 Download
PhishZoo: An Automated Web Phishing Detection Approach Based on Profiling and Fuzzy Matching Sadia Afroz and Rachel Greenstadt 2009/03 Download
ETSP on a Polygon in the Presence of a Polygonal Obstacle Jeff Abrahamson & Ali Shokoufandeh 2004/09 Download
Predicting Coordination Structure by Change Impact Analysis Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai and Matthew Marron 2010/03 Download
Role-Based Viewing Envelopes for Information Protection in Collaborative Modeling Christopher D. Cera, Taeseong Kim, JungHyun Han, & William C. Regli 2003/04 Download
Prioritized Elastic Round-Robin: An Efficient & Low-Latency Packet Scheduler with Improved Fairness Salil S. Kanhere & Harish Sethu 2003/03 Download
On Achieving Fairness in the Joint Allocation of Processing & Bandwidth Yunkai Zhou & Harish Sethu 2003/02 Download
Role-Based Viewing for Secure Collaborative Modeling Christopher D. Cera, Taeseong Kim, Ilya Braude, JungHyun Han, & William C. Regli 2003/01 Download
A Prototypical Self-Optimizing Package for Parallel Implementation of Fast Signal Transforms Kang Chen & Jeremy R. Johnson 2002/02 Download
A Peer-To-Peer Intermediary for Building Enterprise-Class Web Services Omar Hasan & Bruce Char 2002/01 Download
An FPGA Implementation of Benes¹ Permutation Networks Richard N. Pedersen, Anatole D. Ruslanov, Jeremy R. Johnson 2003/06 Download
A Package for Generating, Manipulating, & Testing Convolution Algorithms Anthony F. Breitzman & Jeremy R. Johnson 2003/05 Download
Modeling and Engineering Self-Organization in Complex Software Systems Paul L. Snyder and Giuseppe Valetto 2012/08 Download
Compiler-Enforced Memory Semantics in the SACLIB Computer Algebra Library David G. Richardson (M.S. Thesis) 2005/14 Download
Automatic Transformation of UML to Decision Models and Assessment of Architectural Decisions Sunny Wong, Warren Baelen and Yuanfang Cai 2010/02 Download
Describing Self-Organizing Software with Design Patterns: A Reverse Engineering Experience Paul Snyder, Giuseppe Valetto, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, and Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo 2012/07 Download
A Pattern-Based Architectural Style for Self-Organizing Software Systems Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Paul Snyder, and Giuseppe Valetto 2012/06 Download
The Bandwidth Exchange Architecture David Turner, Vassilis Prevelakis, Angelos Keromytis 2004/07 Download
Evaluating Ad hoc Routing Protocols With Respect to Quality of Service John Novatnack, Lloyd Greenwald, Harpreet Arora 2004/05 Download
Developing a Secure Online Java-based Data Analysis & Visualization Tool Parag Dadhania, Lloyd Greenwald, Prashant Doshi, John R. Clarke 2004/06 Download
Synchronization Effects in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Harpreet Arora, Lloyd Greenwald, Harish Sethu, John Novatnack 2004/03 Download
New Bounds for the Descartes Method Werner Krandick & Kurt Mehlhorn 2004/04 Download
Hierarchical Role-based Viewing for Multi-level Information Security in Collaborative CAD Christopher D. Cera, Ilya Braude, Taeseong Kim, JungHyun Han, William C. Regli 2004/01 Download
Agent Transport Simulation for Dynamic Peer-to-Peer Networks Evan A. Sultanik, Max D. Peysakhov, William C. Regli 2004/02 Download
Leveraging Task Contexts for Managing Developers’ Coordination Kelly Blincoe, Giuseppe Valetto, and Sean P. Goggins 2011/02 Download
A Market-based Bandwidth Charging Framework David Michael Turner, Vassilis Prevelakis, & Angelos D. Keromytis 2006/01 Download
Design Rule Hierarchy and Analytical Decision Model Transformation Sunny Huynh, Yuanfang Cai & Kanwarpreet Sethi 2008/04 Download
Elicitation and Utilization of Utility Functions for the Self-assessment of Autonomic Applications Paul deGrandis and Giuseppe Valetto 2008/05 Download
A Case Study of Integrating Design Rule Theory and Analytical Decision Models Into a Software Development Process Yuanfang Cai, & Sunny Huynh 2008/02 Download
Assessing Design Modularity and Stability using Analytical Decision Models Kanwarpreet Sethi, Yuanfang Cai & Sunny Huynh 2008/03 Download
A Decision-Tree Model for Software Evolution Analysis Yuanfang Cai & Sunny Huynh 2007/01 Download
Automatic Transformation of UML Models into Analytical Decision Models Yuanfang Cai, Sunny Huynh, & Wuwei Shen 2008/01 Download
Detecting Software Modularity Violations Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai, Miryung Kim and Michael Dalton 2010/04 Download
Pattern Recognition Techniques to Infer Driver Intentions Hiren M. Mandalia (MS Thesis) 2004/08 Download
Decomposing Monomial Representations of Solvable Groups Markus Püschel 1999/02 Download
Re-rendering from a Sparse Set of Images DU-CS-05-12 2005/12 Download
Many-to-Many Feature Matching for Structural Pattern Recognition Muhammed Fatih Demirci (Ph.D. Thesis) 2005/13 Download
Change Impact Analysis with Stochastic Dependencies Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai and Michael Dalton 2010/07 Download
A Directional Statistics-based Reflectance Model for Isotropic BRDFs Ko Nishino and Stephen Lombardi 2010/06 Download
Bayesian Defogging Ko Nishino, Louis Kratz and Stephen Lombardi 2010/05 Download
Programming Schemata for Tensor Products J.R. Johnson & R.W. Johnson 1992/01 Download
An Equivariant Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm L. Auslander, J. R. Johnson & R. W. Johnson 1996/02 Download
Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms for Finite Abelian Groups L. Auslander, J.R. Johnson & R.W. Johnson 1995/01 Download
Dimensionless FFT Algorithms L. Auslander, J.R. Johnson & R.W. Johnson 1997/01 Download
Automatic Implementation of FFT Algorithms L. Auslander, J.R. Johnson & R.W. Johnson 1996/01 Download
Constructive Representation Theory & Fast Discrete Signal Transforms Markus Püschel 1999/01 Download
Pease FFT Algorithm J.R. Johnson 1998/01 Download
A Survey of Math Doctors Ian Underwood, Steve Weimar, Thomas Hewett, Bruce Char, Jeremy Johnson, Werner Krandick 2005/15 Download
An Environment for Comprehending the Behavior of Software Systems Maher M. Salah (Ph.D. Thesis) 2005/16 Download
Logic-Based Software Project Decomposition Yuanfang Cai & Sunny Huynh 2007/02 Download
Computation Lab for Freshman Engineering Students Bruce Char, Jeremy Johnson and David Augenblick 2012/04 Download
Developing questions for Maple TA using Maple library modules and non-mathematical computation Bruce Char 2011/04 Download
An Evolutionary Approach to Software Modularity Conformance Checking Sunny Huynh & Yuanfang Cai 2007/04 Download
Multidimensional Shape/Color Distributions as a Computational Biomarker for Cancer Pathology Dr. David E. Breen, Md. Alimoor Reza, Aladin Milutinovic, Dr. Robi Polikar, Dr. Fernando U. Garcia 2011/01 Download
A Recursive Implementation of the Dimensionless FFT Xu Xu & Jeremy R. Johnson (MS Thesis) 2005/01 Download
Detecting Design Defects Caused by Design Rule Violations Sunny Wong, Yuanfang Cai and Michael Dalton 2009/04 Download