CS 121 Lab 1 Summary for Fall 2006

Key TopicsSkills to MasterMaple CommandsExamples of Use
General UseOpen, create, and save a Maple worksheet.(see File menu)File/Open
File/New/Worksheet Mode
Insert and delete execution groups.(see Insert & Edit menus)Insert/Execution Group/Before Cursor
Insert/Execution Group/After Cursor
Edit/Delete Element
Use the Maple help system.(see Help menu)
Help/Maple Help
? <command>?solve
Use special characters.; (end of command)2+3;
: (suppress output)2*3:
(previous result)%;
# (comment)3! = 3*2*1;  # Factorials are fun!
Variables vs. NamesAssign a value to a variable.<var> := <value>;x := 0;
Unassign a variable.<var> := '<var>';x := 'x';
Understand how Maple evaluates variables and names.evala := 2;  b := 1;  a*x + b;
eval(%, x=0);
Solving EquationsCreate and solve single equations.solvesolve(a*x + b = 0, x);
Create and solve systems of equations.solvesolve({x+y=2, x-y=1}, {x,y});
Convert exact results to numerical approximations.evalfevalf(%);
PlottingCreate 2-D plots of simple expressions.plotplot(x+1, x=0..5);
Load the plots package (and other Maple packages).withwith(plots);
Plot a list of  points in the plane.plots[pointplot]P1 := [1,2];  P2 := [3,4];
L := [P1,P2];  pointplot(L);
Plot a curve using an implicit equation.plots[implicitplot]eq := y - x = 1;
implicitplot(eq, x=0..5, y=1..6);
Display multiple plots simultaneously.plots[display]
plot1 := plot(x+1, x=0..5);
plot2 := pointplot(L);

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