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June 1, 2008

The CS 123 Proficiency Exam CRIB SHEET is available here: CS123 CRIB SHEET ZIP FILE.

May 29, 2008

As previous announced, a lab proficiency exam will be held during the last week of classes, June 2-6, on your assigned lab day and time in your usual classroom, UC 145.

The exam policies are described in detail below. The exam will be proctored and must be taken in class on your assigned day and time. You must do the exam on your own without help from others. The exam has a time limit of 90 minutes and can be taken only once.

The exam will be given using Maple TA and will cover Labs 1–4. It will have 15-25 questions which are similar to the questions on Quizzes 1–4. The questions will vary in difficulty from easy to challenging. You will need to maintain an average pace of roughly 3-5 minutes per question in order to complete the exam. You may use the How did I do? link in Maple TA during the exam.

You will be allowed to use the following approved reference materials during the exam:
  • Maple
  • Maple online help
  • Maple manuals (available as PDF files on the course website)
Maple worksheets for CS 123 Labs 1–4, CS 123 Labs 1-4, CS 121 Labs 1-5 (from the course websites). No other reference materials will be permitted/. In particular, you may not bring your own "cheat sheet" or reference card. You may not visit any websites except the course websites. You may not use either your own solutions to the labs or the official course solutions. You may not use email during the exam.

All electronic devices are prohibited. This includes laptops, cell phones, PDAs, flash drives, MP3 players, and iPods. If you are accustomed to doing the labs on your own laptop computer, you should be prepared to use the Macs in the labs for the exam.

May 28, 2008

Practice Quizzes 1-3 are now up on MapleTA. Quiz 1 has been converted to MapleTA 2.5 so you can find all practice quizzes there. Quiz 4 will be up after it is due.

May 23, 2008

Proficiency Exam will be given during week 10, which is June 2 through 6, during your normally scheduled lab times in UC145.

(Side note: The scheduled times for CS123 final exams during exam week will be used for make-up proficiency exams that result from a documented illness or unavoidable scheduling conflict--either case would involve contacting your instructor ahead of time.)

May 10, 2008

Quiz 3 is now available. Note that the link to use is
http://mapleta.cs.drexel.edu/classes/cs123Sp08MarkII/. The links on
blackboard and on the complab website have been updated to use this
URL. If you do not see the quiz, please check that the link you are
using starts with "mapleta...." and not "tweedledee....".

April 27th, 2008

Quiz 2 is now available. Because of the server problems encountered in the last hour of Quiz 1, we are now using the older version of the server (2.51) which provided slower service during periods of heavy use but did not become unstable. The server for quiz 2 was set up with the initial password for your account (Drexel 10 digit student ID).

As was previously announced the deadline for completion of Quiz 2 is Friday 5pm this week (May 2).

April 13th, 2008

Quiz 1 is now available. You can take it by going to MapleTA and logging in using your Drexel ID as your user name and your student ID number as your password. It must be taken Friday April 18th by 5pm.

March 31, 2008

The complete syllabus has been updated, as well as the staff page. Staff schedules, office hours, and other information will be up within the week.

March 29, 2008

Welcome to CS 123, Spring 2008.  The first class meetings (labs) of the term will be in the 2nd week of the term, April 7-11, 2008 in the usual location University Crossings 145.  Lab 1 will be about problem solving with indefinite and definite integration.  There will be four labs for CS 123 this term, in weeks 2,4,6 and 8. Quizzes through Maple TA will be held in weeks 3,5,7, and 9.  The lab proficiency exam will be held in week 10.  In other words, the course schedule should be similar to that of the winter term.

This site and the Blackboard web site for the course will be under construction during week 1.  Stay tuned for further information.
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