CS 123 - Computation Lab III - Spring 2008

Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering
Drexel University

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The table below lists the faculty members, graduate teaching assistants, and undergraduate teaching assistants who serve on the course staff. Some of the course staff are instructors and some are lab assistants. The instructors are in charge and run sections of the lab with the help of the lab assistants.

Initials Name Status Email Role Sections
BC Dr. Bruce Char Faculty charbw@drexel.edu Instructor
KS Mr. Kurt Schmidt Faculty kschmidt@cs.drexel.edu Instructor
KA Ms. Kamelia Aryafar Grad TA kca26@drexel.edu Instructor
MB Mr. Michael Brennan Grad TA mb553@drexel.edu Instructor
JN Mr. John Novatnack Grad TA jmn27@drexel.edu Instructor
RW Mr. Ryan Walls Grad TA rw339@drexel.edu Instructor
DB Diya Biswas Undergrad TA db369@drexel.edu Lab Assistant
TC Timothy Cheeseman Undergrad TA twc24@drexel.edu Lab Assistant
DS Dan De Sousa Undergrad TA danielsousa@gmail.com Lab Assistant
AN Ankita Narayan Undergrad TA an87@drexel.edu Lab Assistant
NP Nam Pham Undergrad TA nam.hoang.pham@drexel.edu Lab Assistant
TW Thomas Wise Undergrad TA tfw23@drexel.edu Lab Assistant

You are welcome to contact your instructor with any questions or concerns you have about the course. The name and email address of your instructor appear on your class schedule in DrexelOne. When contacting your instructor, please follow these guidelines:
  1. Before you contact your instructor, go over the course website carefully to see if your question has already been answered here.
  2. Also check the Announcements and Discussions on Blackboard Vista to see if your concerns have already been addressed there.
  3. When contacting your instructor by email, include the name of the course in the subject line.
  4. The body of your email should always include the following information:
    1. your full name
    2. your DrexelOne username
    3. your student ID number
    4. your section number.
  5. Understand that your instructor has many responsibilities and may not be able to send you a reply the same day. Please be patient.
  6. Remember that you can always talk with your instructor before, during, or after class, and you can also see a teaching assistant during office hours.
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