New functionality in Maple 9


Jürgen Gerhard


Team Lead, Mathematical Software, Maplesoft

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada



Software name:  Maple™ 9


Short description:  Maple 9 is the latest release of the world’s most trusted general-purpose mathematical problem solving software. Widely adopted by universities, colleges, research institutes and companies, Maple 9 delivers the comprehensive environment and support resources to visualize and explore mathematical concepts, develop application tools, and share mathematical information and documents through the Web. Combined with thousands of free add-on packages and applications available at the Maple Application Center™ (, Maple 9 is the most flexible analytical tool for professors, researchers, scientists, engineers and students.

Maple 9 includes a comprehensive suite of mathematical solvers, interactive visualization, a powerful programming language for rapid application development, a rich environment for creating technical documents and Web pages, and GUI customization via Maplets™. New features in this release include an enhanced user interface, new help browser, new code generators for MATLAB® and Visual Basic®, new student learning packages, OpenViz® graphics, an extensive addition of NAG® numerical solvers and numerous mathematical enhancements.


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Maple 9 is the newest release of the Maple product. It offers a wide range of new features in all of the key areas of Maple functionality. This presentation will offer details and demonstrations on new features that will be of particular interest to the ISSAC audience, including code generation, GMP integer arithmetic, Student packages, function advisor, integration of NAG routines, Mathieu functions and integer relations.