Call for Software Exhibitions

ISSAC 2003
International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation

Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA, USA, August 3-6, 2003

This year ISSAC organizes sessions to exhibit software packages produced by academic developers. These sessions are intended to promote software development activities in the areas of symbolic mathematical computation.

Important Dates

The software abstract will be published in the SIGSAM Bulletin.

To encourage submissions of good quality, two best demonstration prizes will be awarded. Demonstrations will be judged by the program committee and the attendees independently, both based on content and presentation.

Conference Topics

Topics of the meeting include, but are not limited to:


A software exhibition consists of an illustration of a piece of software by using a poster display and/or a laptop computer display.

Software exhibitors are invited to submit:

Documents must be in English. Plain TeX or LaTeX is preferred, but plain text is also acceptable. Documents should be submitted via electronic mail to


The aims of your exhibition is to convince the attendees to use your software. In particular you should make clear the following aspects:

Exhibitors are encouraged to read the article How to Prepare a Poster.

Technical details

The software exhibition sessions will take place in the same hall as the poster sessions. You will have access to a poster stand and possibly to a table and a chair. You will have to provide your own laptop computer if needed. Please inform the Exhibitions Chair about the needs of your exhibitions. Also, please feel free to contact the exhibitions chair with any questions at: