Satellite Workshops

August 7, 2003
Drexel University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

On August 7, right after the conference ISSAC-2003 (August 3 -- 6), several satellite workshops will be organized.

We solicit proposals for the satellite workshops.

The local organization of ISSAC 2003 kindly agreed to provide the following for each satellite workshop:

for some nominal fee (about $600 for 50 persons meeting). The details should be negotiated with the local organization.

If you are interested in utilizing the facility, submit a workshop proposal following the guideline given below.

About three proposals will be selected from the submissions by the general chair of ISSAC 2003 with the consultation with the steering committee.


Important dates

Submission Guideline

Submit it by email to
Hoon Hong
General Chair of ISSAC 2003

Proposal Format

  Title of the workshop :

     First Name         :
     Middle Initial     :
     Last  Name         :
     Email address      :
     Affiliation        :
     Telephone number   :

  Expected # of attendee:

  Topics to be covered  :

  Rationale for meeting : (about 10 lines)