Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Computer Science Courses

CS 121: Computation Lab I
CS 122: Computation Lab II
CS 123: Computation Lab III
CS 130: Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts with 3-D Animation
CS 131: Computer Programming A
CS 132: Computer Programming B
CS 133: Computer Programming C
CS 140: Intro to Multimedia Programming
CS 143: Computer Programming Fundamentals
CS 161: Introduction to Computing
CS 164: Introduction to Computer Science
CS 171: Computer Programming I
CS 172: Computer Programming II
CS 175: Computer Programming I-II
CS 190: Selected Programming Language
CS 260: Data Structures
CS 265: Advanced Programming Tools and Techniques
CS 270: Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
CS 275: Web and Mobile App Development
CS 281: Systems Architecture
CS 283: Systems Programming
CS 300: Applied Symbolic Computation
CS 303: Algorithmic Number Theory and Cryptography
CS 337: Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction
CS 338: Graphical User Interfaces
CS 350: Software Design
CS 352: Processor Design and Analysis
CS 360: Programming Language Concepts
CS 361: Concurrent Programming
CS 365: System Administration
CS 370: Operating Systems
CS 380: Artificial Intelligence
CS 383: Machine Learning
CS 385: Evolutionary Computing
CS 387: Game AI Development
CS 430: Computer Graphics
CS 431: Advanced Rendering Techniques
CS 432: Interactive Computer Graphics
CS 440: Theory of Computation
CS 451: Software Engineering
CS 457: Data Structures and Algorithms I
CS 458: Data Structures and Algorithms II
CS 461: Database Systems
CS 472: Computer Networks
CS 475: Computer and Network Security
CS 476: High Performance Computing
CS 481: Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CS 485: Topics in Artificial Intelligence: Robot Lab
CS 491: Software Engineering Workshop I
CS 492: Software Engineering Workshop II
CS 493: Software Engineering Workshop III

Related Courses

ECE 200: Fundamentals of Intelligent Systems
MATH 121: Calculus I
MATH 122: Calculus II
MATH 123: Calculus III
MATH 200: Calculus IV
MATH 201: Linear Algebra
MATH 221: Discrete Mathematics
MATH 300: Numerical Analysis
MATH 305: Introduction to Optimization Theory
MATH 311: Probability and Statistics I
MATH 312: Probability and Statistics II
PHIL 311: Computer Ethics