Bruce Char

Professor, Computer Science



142 University Crossings 
Department of Computer Science
College of Computing and Informatics
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

(My office location, on the north side of UC, is on a locked corridor. Knock on the entry door.)


(215) 895-2669
(215) 895-0545 (fax) 
(215) 895-2669 (assistant and messages)

charbw at

Schedule and Office Hours

Winter 2017

Computing and Informatics Design II CI 102

Section A (lecture) T 9am-9:50am Nesbitt Hall 125
Section B (lecture) T 10am-10:50am Nesbitt Hall 125

CI 102 Lab 063 W 11am-12:50pm

Curtis 231

CI 102 Lab 064 W 3pm-4:50pm

Curtis 231

CI 102 Lab 060 Th 11am-12:50pm

Curtis 231

CI 102 Lab 068 F 11am-12:50pm

Curtis 231



Research meetings

Parallel computation educational gamings Th 2-3pm URBN 243

CS Undergraduate curriculum committee


CI 102 staff meetings

Rush 137 M noon-1pm


Office hours (in 142 University Crossings)

T 3-4pm
Th 3-4pm

Contact me through email, please. Phone service is unreliable unless I’m sitting right at the desk when the phone rings.


Professional interests

Symbolic and numeric mathematical computation, problem solving environments, parallel and distributed computation, information technology for computer science and
STEM education.

Member of

American Society for Engineering Education

Association for Computing Machinery (SIGSAM, SIGACT, SIGCSE)

International Educational Data Mining Society


Learning parallel programming concepts through an adaptive game

Parallel and distributed computing across the curriculum

Duplex project (computer science education making use of IT)


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