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The language is illustrated here by way of a short example.

What color is the sky?
<choice>red <wrong>Maybe at sunset
<choice>blue <right>Congratulations
<choice>green <wrong>Love to visit your planet.
<choice>yellow <wrong>Staring at the sun again?
What computers did Seymore Cray design?
<choice>CDC 6600 <right>The 6600 is considered
one of his landmark designs.
<choice>Apple II <wrong>The Apple II was
designed by Steve Wozniak.
<choice>Cray 1 <right>Who do you think did
design the Cray 1?
<choice>Cray 2 <right>All of the Cray 1 through
4 series were designed by him.
<choice>ENIAC <wrong>Before his time.
What is the name of a CS professional society?
<choice>AOL <wrong>Look again
<choice>ACM <right>By George, you've got it.

Assuming this code is contained in the file example.httml, it is processed with the command httml example.httml. The translator then creates an index file, example.html and the HTML files example-1-1.html, example-1-2.html and example-1-3.html which contain HTML code for each of the three parts. A fourth HTML file, example-1-4.html is written which announces completion of the lesson and provides a pointer back to the index.

With only minor differences, the output produced by the translator with the Lex back-end is essentially the same as the code that was used in our C tutorial. The CGI code for the questions are written to the files example-1-1.l, example-1-2.l and example-1-3.l, and these files are compiled into the executables example-1-1.cgi, example-1-2.cgi and example-1-3.cgi. For the one-of-many multiple choice question the responses are written to the files example-1-1.wrong1to example-1-1.wrong4. For the many-of-many multiple choice question in Part 2, we have five choices for answers. In general if we have n choices, then there are possible sets of answers the student may give, and we would like to produce a different response for each. Consequently, only the right answer is written to its own file, example-1-2.right in this case. The responses for wrong answers are encoded in the CGI script itself. The short-answer question is structured much like the one-of-many. Here we generate the HTML response files example-1-3.wrong1 and example-1-3.right2. For this case, though, we also have an additional file example-1-3.wrong that is the response for a generic wrong answer that doesn't match any of the choices specified.

For the AppleScript back-end, we generate the same set of HTML files. Instead of the Lex source code, the translator puts the AppleScript directly into the .cgi files

Brian L. Stuart
Fri Apr 11 11:05:45 CDT 1997