IZA Policy Papers

No. Author(s)
35 Amelie F. Constant
Steffen Otterbach
Work Hours Constraints: Impacts and Policy Implications
30 Amelie F. Constant
Bienvenue N. Tien
Surviving the Turbulence Is Not Enough: Can Côte d'Ivoire Flourish Again?
19 Amelie F. Constant
Bienvenue N. Tien
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Jingzhou Meng
China's Overt Economic Rise and Latent Human Capital Investment: Achieving Milestones and Competing for the Top
(substantially revised version published as 'China's Latent Human Capital Investment: achieving milestones and competing for the top' in: Journal of Contemporary China, 2013, 22 (79), 109-130. [Open Access])