David E. Breen: Research Interests - Augmented Reality

While a research staff member at the European Computer-industry Research Centre (ECRC) I belonged to a group (User Interaction and Visualization) investigating Augmented Reality (See Klinker et al. 1997). My research activities in this group were mainly focused on calibration issues (See Whitaker et al. 1995, and Tuceryan et al. 1995), and the interaction between real and virtual objects. The interactions included occlusions and collisions between real and virtual objects in augmented reality (See Breen et al. 1996). The last project that I worked on involved developing an augmented reality application that demonstrated our optical tracking results. (See Koller et al. 1997).

I was also involved in the development of two augmented reality demonstration projects, the first for mechanical repair (See Rose et al. 1995), the second for interior design (See Ahlers et al. 1995).

Research Results of ECRC UI&V Group

Last modified on September 7, 2003.