Woc-Bots: An Agent-Based Approach to Decision-Making

S. Grimes and D.E. Breen, "Woc-Bots: An Agent-Based Approach to Decision-Making," Applied Sciences, Vol. 9, No. 21, November 2019, p. 4653.

We present a flexible, robust approach to predictive decision-making using simple, modular agents (WoC-Bots) that interact with each other socially and share information about the features they are trained on. Our agents form a knowledge-diverse crowd, allowing us to use Wisdom of the Crowd (WoC) theories to aggregate their opinions and come to a collective conclusion. Compared to traditional multi-layer perceptron (MLP) networks, WoC-Bots can be trained more quickly, more easily incorporate new features, and make it easier to determine why the network gives the prediction that it does. We compare our predictive accuracy with MLP networks to show that WoC-Bots can attain similar results when predicting the box office success of Hollywood movies, while requiring significantly less training time.

Last modified on November 5, 2019.