Predicting the Drape of Woven Cloth Using Interacting Particles

D.E. Breen, D.H. House and M.J. Wozny, Predicting the Drape of Woven Cloth Using Interacting Particles, SIGGRAPH '94 Conference Proceedings, pp. 365-372

We demonstrate a physically-based technique for predicting the drape of a wide variety of woven fabrics. The approach exploits a theoretical model that explicitly represents the microstructure of woven cloth with interacting particles, rather than utilizing a continuum approximation. By testing a cloth sample in a Kawabata fabric testing device, we obtain data that is used to tune the model's energy functions, so that it reproduces the draping behavior of the original material. Photographs, comparing the drape of actual cloth with visualizations of simulation results, show that we are able to reliably model the unique large-scale draping characteristics of distinctly different fabric types.

Last modified on September 8, 2003.