An Augmented Vision System for Industrial Applications

Klaus Ahlers, David Breen, Chris Crampton, Eric Rose, Mihran Tuceryan, Ross Whitaker and Douglas Greer, "An Augmented Vision System for Industrial Applications", Telemanipulator and Telepresence Technologies, SPIE Proceedings, Vol. 2351, pp. 345-359, October 1994

This paper describes the major components of the Grasp augmented vision system. Grasp is an object-oriented system written in C++, which provides an environment both for exploring the basic technologies of augmented vision, and for developing applications that demonstrate the capabilities of these technologies. The hardware components of Grasp include video cameras, 6-D tracking devices, a frame grabber, a 3-D graphics workstation, a scan converter, and a video mixer. The major software components consist of classes that implement geometric models, rendering algorithms, calibration methods, file I/O, a user interface, and event handling.

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