Annotating Real-World Objects Using Augmented Reality

Eric Rose, David Breen, Klaus Ahlers, Chris Crampton, Mihran Tuceryan, Ross Whitaker and Douglas Greer, "Annotating Real-World Objects Using Augmented Reality", Computer Graphics: Developments in Virtual Environments (CG International '95 Conference Proceedings), eds. R.A. Earnshaw and J.A. Vince (Academic Press, London, June 1995) pp. 357-370

We describe a system for annotating real-world objects using augmented reality. A virtual form (model) of a real-world object is matched to the real object, allowing one to visually annotate the real components with information from the corresponding model. Augmented reality provides a natural method for presenting the ``enhancing'' computer-based information by merging graphics with a view of the real object. User queries on the real object can be translated into queries on the model, producing feedback that can augment the user's view of the real world.

Last modified on September 8, 2003.