Detail-Preserving Level Set Surface Editing and Geometric Texture Transfer

M. Eyiyurekli and D. Breen, ``Detail-Preserving Level Set Surface Editing and Geometric Texture Transfer,'' Graphical Models, Vol. 93, 2017, pp. 39-52.

Level set models may be interactively edited. Due to numerical dissipation and movements in the surface's normal directions level set modifications smooth out surface details. In order to overcome this problem, we have developed techniques that identify surface details prior to level set surface changes and incorporate them back afterwards; thus providing a detail-preserving level set editing capability. The surface details are stored in particles lying on the level set surface and are maintained on the surface as it is edited. The particles are then used to drive a detail-adding level set evolution process. These detail particles may also be transferred from one surface to another to provide a geometric texture transfer functionality for level set models.

Last modified on October 26, 2017.