Object-Oriented Programming in a Conventional Programming Environment

D.E. Breen, P.H. Getto and A.A. Apodaca, "Object-Oriented Programming in a Conventional Programming Environment," 13th Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference Proceedings, September 1989, pp. 334-343

This paper describes a programming methodology that implements many object-oriented features within a conventional programming environment. The methodology was created during the development of a computer animation system, The Clockworks. The methodology supports such object-oriented features as objects with variables and methods, class hierarchies, variable and method inheritance, object instantiation and message passing. The methodology does not employ any special keywords or language extensions; thus removing the need for a preprocessor or compiler. The methodology has been implemented in a C/Unix environment. This allows the environment and any system developed within it to be ported to a wide variety of computers which support Unix. The methodology provides many object-oriented features and associated benefits. It also provides all of the benefits of a C/Unix environment including portability, a rich variety of development tools, and efficiency.

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