Level Set and PDE Methods for Computer Graphics

D.E. Breen (ed.), Level Set and PDE Methods for Computer Graphics, SIGGRAPH 2002 Course #10 Notes, July 2002.

Level set methods, an important class of partial differential equation (PDE) methods, define dynamic surfaces implicitly as the level set (iso-surface) of a sampled, evolving nD function. In this course we present the underlying concepts, equations and numerical methods for these techniques and for related PDE methods. Practical considerations for implementing and employing level set/PDE methods for computer graphics will be discussed. These include developing a level set library and techniques for importing conventional geometric models into it. We will show how to apply level set/PDE methods to a variety of graphics applications, including image inpainting, pattern formation, 3D curve computation, 3D shape reconstruction, image and shape morphing, dynamic visibility, surface editing, and fire and water simulation.

Last modified on September 8, 2003.