Level Set Segmentation From Multiple Non-Uniform Volume Datasets

K. Museth, D. Breen, L. Zhukov and R. Whitaker, "Level Set Segmentation From Multiple Non-uniform Volume Datasets," Proceedings of IEEE Visualization 2002 Conference, October 2002, pp. 179-186.

Typically 3-D MR and CT scans have a relatively high resolution in the scanning X-Y plane, but much lower resolution in the axial Z direction. This non-uniform sampling of an object can miss small or thin structures. One way to address this problem is to scan the same object from multiple directions. In this paper we describe a method for deforming a level set model using velocity information derived from multiple volume datasets with non-uniform resolution in order to produce a single high-resolution 3D model. The method locally approximates the values of the multiple datasets by fitting a distance-weighted polynomial using moving least-squares. The proposed method has several advantageous properties: its computational cost is proportional to the object surface area, it is stable with respect to noise, imperfect registrations and abrupt changes in the data, it provides gain-correction, and it employs a distance-based weighting to ensures that the contributions from each scan are properly merged into the final result. We have demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach on four multi-scan datasets, a griffin laser scan reconstruction, a CT scan of a teapot and MR scans of a mouse embryo and a zucchini.

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