A Physically-Based Particle Model of Woven Cloth

D.E. Breen, D.H. House and P.H. Getto, "A Physically-Based Particle Model of Woven Cloth," The Visual Computer, Vol. 8, No. 5-6, June 1992, pp. 264-277

Every time a tabelcloth is draped over a table it will fold and pleat in unique ways. We report on a physically-based model and a simulation methodology, which when used together are able to reproduce many of the attributes of this characteristic behavior of cloth. Our model utilizes a microscopic particle representation that directly treats the mechanical constraints between threads in woven material rather than using a macroscopic continuum approximation. The simulation technique is hybrid, employing force methods for gross movements and energy methods to enforce constraints within the material. The model is developed and demonstrated within a visualization environment that allows full interaction between the simulated material and conventional constructive-solid-geometry models.

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