On the Dynamic Simulation of Physically-Based Particle-System Models

D.H. House, D.E. Breen and P.H. Getto, "On the Dynamic Simulation of Physically-Based Particle-System Models," Third Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation Proceedings, Cambridge, UK, September 1992.

We present a general algorithm for simulating the behavior of a particle-system model governed by physically-based dynamics. Particle dynamics may include particle-particle and particle-world interactions, within the context of a general hierarchically defined Constructive Solid Geometry model. The algorithm uses a two-phase hybrid approach to simulation that allows the specification of interparticle constraints using energy functions, while still providing for the application of force-based methods for convincing dynamics. The algorithm is appropriate for the simulation of a wide variety of flexible materials, and is demonstrated as applied to a particle model of cloth.

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