3D Metamorphosis Between Different Types of Geometric Models

D.E. Breen, S. Mauch, R.T. Whitaker and J. Mao, "3D Metamorphosis Between Different Types of Geometric Models", Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. Eurographics 2001), Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 36-48, September 2001.

We present a powerful morphing technique based on level set methods, that can be combined with a variety of scan conversion/model processing techniques. Bringing these techniques together creates a general morphing approach that allows a user to morph a number of geometric model types in a single animation. We have developed techniques for converting several types of geometric models (polygonal meshes, CSG models and MRI scans) into distance volumes, the volumetric representation required by our level set morphing approach. The combination of these two capabilities allows a user to create a morphing sequence regardless of the model type of the source and target objects, freeing him/her to use whatever model type is appropriate for a particular animation.

Last modified on September 8, 2003.