Towards Simulating Cloth Dynamics Using Interacting Particles

D.H. House, R.W. DeVaul and D.E. Breen, "Towards Simulating Cloth Dynamics Using Interacting Particles", International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp. 75-94, 1996

In this article we preview attempts that are currently being made to bridge the gap between the models that produce accurate draping behavior and the models that seek to reproduce dynamic behavior. We begin by giving a brief synopsis of our particle-based draping model. This is followed by a description of how we have used constraint methods to turn this model into one that purports to describe both cloth dynamics and drape equilibria. Finally, we outline our experimental methodology for calculating the constrained dynamics of this new model in a way that is computationally tractable, and may make the model of real use in engineering, design, and animation.

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