CS 338: Graphical User Interfaces

Project Stage 3: Completion and Demo

(70 pts out of total 100 pts for the project)

Due Tuesday, March 10 or Thursday, March 12 (in-class demo sessions)

Submit PDF slides before the project session

Submit paper advertisement at the start of the session

Submit electronic version of all code by Friday, March 13, 9pm


Stage 3 marks the final stage of your class project. This stage includes the completion of your project system, the creation of a short advertisement for your project, and a demonstration to your fellow classmates.

System Completion

The main portion of this final stage involves the completion of your proposed system. You should keep in mind that because you'll demo the system to the class, you should focus on completing the system to the point where you can effectively run an interesting and fun demo.

Project Advertisement

Create a one-page advertisement for your program. This may have any format you wish, but should include whatever information you feel would best "sell" the program. In other words, your advertisement should describe/show/illustrate what the program does, what system(s) it runs on, what features it includes that would be beneficial to users, etc. You should include screen shots, graphics, etc. to show off the program in the best possible light.

Project Demo

Project demos will be held during the last week of classes in University Crossings 153.

Each student will get 5 minutes to present and demo their final project.

You have three options for running your demo: (1) bring a laptop with your presentation and project already running, (2) have your presentation and project running on a friend's laptop, (3) use my laptop. If you choose to run on my laptop (which is an Apple MacBook Pro), you will need to meet with me the day before to make sure that everything works properly.


- Email me the landscape PDF file with 4 slides as described above.

- Have your running demo ready to run on a laptop. TEST EVERYTHING BEFOREHAND!! The demo session will move fast and we won't have time to wait for you to boot up, debug, etc. -- the system should be up and running quickly.

- Hand in your project advertisement, on paper (no electronic submission accepted).

- Electronically submit all your code using WebCT. Please put all materials in a single zip/tar file; and include a plain text file "README" with any details about compilation, included modules, etc. that would be needed to compile and run the system. You do not need to submit a paper copy of the code.


The project grade will be based on the following criteria: