CS 431/636 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

Spring 2007

Description: The creation of realistic images from 3D models is central to the development of computer graphics. The ray tracing algorithm has become one of the most popular and powerful techniques for creating photo-realistic images. Ray tracing's simplicity, elegance and ease of implementation make it one of the most important image generation algorithms in computer graphics. This class will explore in detail the algorithmic components of ray tracing.

These include

Students will implement many of these components in their class programming projects.

Images made by the students!

Location - University Crossings 149

Time - Tuesday, 6:00 PM &rarr 8:50 PM




I intend to use the standard grading scale of 100→ 90 (A), 89→ 80 (B), 79→ 70 (C), 69→ 60 (D), else (F).
Please also note that incompletes will not be given for this course.

Each graduate student will present a research paper in class on a topic not covered by the regular class lectures.

Choose a paper from this list. It is a much shorter version of this list.

There will not be a final exam.

Assignments due at 11:59PM on due date
  Post images on the web and code on WebCT
  E-mail me the URL

Late Policy


Each regular assignment worth 10 points

Follow all of the instructions listed in the assignments.
5 points will be subtracted from an assignment if all of the instructions aren't followed.

Student Presentation Schedule

Class Schedule

Week 1 - 4/3/07

Week 2 - 4/10/07

Week 3 - 4/17/07

Week 4 - 4/24/07

Week 5 - 5/1/07

Week 6 - 5/8/07

Week 7 - 5/15/07

Week 8 - 5/22/07

Week 9 - 5/29/07

Week 10 - 6/5/07

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