CS 586/480 - Computer Graphics II

Assignment 2

Add a triangle mesh primitive to your ray tracer.

Also add a hierarchical modeling (group) structure with transformations.

Create a hierarchical model (at least two levels deep) that contains triangle meshes and spheres.

You must have a non-zero (in all three components) translation, a non-zero (in all three components) rotation, and a non-unity uniform scale somewhere in your model.

Generate a flat-shaded image of your scene, similar to Assignment 1.

Produce a diagram that describes your model hierarchy.

Your image should be at least 512x512 in resolution.

Post your ray-traced image (in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format), your model hierarchy diagram, the values in your model's transformation matrices and code on a web site with the associated computation time.

E-mail the URL of the web site to david AT cs.drexel.edu before the deadline (10/24/04).

You can find some SMF triangle mesh models here, including triangle models for a cylinder and a box.

If you translate four different cylinders to

and the box to [0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000], you will make a table.

I've instanced two tables and three spheres, and arbitrarily oriented them in front of my camera from Assignment 1. Here's my picture.

Here is my model hierarchy.

Your results don't have to look anything like this, but I would like to see several objects defined by a hierarchical model.

Last modified on October 7, 2004.