CS 586/480 - Computer Graphics II

Assignment 5

Add the "Suffern" adaptive supersampling algorithm described in class to your ray tracer.

Be sure to save a working version of your code before making this change!

Generate a scene that contains at least two spheres, three non-box triangle meshes and one white light.

Generate three images of your scene. In the first make an N x M image with no anti-aliasing. In the second make an 2N x 2M image and average down to an N x M image. (This is what we've been doing in the past few assignments.) Finally, make an N x M image using adaptive supersampling with two levels of subdivision.

Provide the same close-up view of some portion of your threee images, to demonstrate that you've created 3 different results. In other words, a portion of your images should be zoomed up to show the effects of anti-aliasing.

Post your images (in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format) in their native resolution (i.e. don't set their size in html) and code on a web site, with the associated computation times, and the number of image plane samples (primary rays) for each of your three images.

E-mail the URL of the web site to david AT cs.drexel.edu before the deadline (11/21/04).

You can find some SMF triangle mesh models here, including models for an octahedron, a box, an icosahedron, a cylinder, a superellipsoid, a supertoroid, 3 bunnies, a cow and a molecule.

Last modified on November 21, 2004.