CS 586/480 - Computer Graphics II

Assignment 6

Add 2D image-based texture maps to your spheres, and 3D procedural texture maps to your triangle meshes. This will involve, at the very least, replacing the diffuse color for these objects with a texture map.

Here is an image of the Earth and Jupiter that you can use as the texture map for your sphere.

Implementing procedural texture maps will involve writing a function that takes a 2D or 3D point and returns an RGB color.

Make an image, with 2 levels of adaptive anti-aliasing, that contains at least one sphere and one non-box triangle mesh that use texture maps, along with at least one white light.

Optionally and for extra credit (25%) add spot lights (the one described in lecture 3) to your ray tracer. You may do this in this assigment or the next one.
This will involve adding a direction vector DL, a cone angle α, and fall-off parameter nL to your point lights.

Post your image (in TIFF or PNG format) in its native resolution (i.e. don't set their size in html) and code on a web site, with the associated computation time and shading parameter values.

Be sure to tell me where I can find the code for your procedural texture mapping function(s).

E-mail the URL of the web site to david AT cs.drexel.edu before the deadline (12/1/04).

You can find some SMF triangle mesh models here, including models for an octahedron, a box, an icosahedron, a cylinder, a superellipsoid, a supertoroid, 3 bunnies, a cow and a molecule.

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