Interactive Computer Graphics: Assignment 4


Part 1

(5 points)
  1. Make a display list made up of a square face. Do not set a color.

  2. Make another display list by using matrix operations to make a cube by calling the one display list multiple times.

  3. Draw 3 boxes of varying shapes, sizes, and colors by calling the 2nd display list with various matrix operations.

  4. 2 of the boxes should be animated: one beats like a heart, and the other spins.

  5. The camera should rotate around the 3 objects. Keyboard input should stop and start the rotation and toggle the camera's projection between perspective and orthographic.

The resulting objects should not look like cubes. You can use any transformation you want to make the cube into another object.

Movie of HW4 in action

Part 2

(5 points)

Create a 3-link "robot" that rotates around a base and its two other joint angles (3 points). The user should be able to choose (either via a menu selection or a button click) which joint to modify (1 point), and the chosen joint angle should then be modifiable via user input (either via keyboard or mouse input) (1 point).





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