Interactive Computer Graphics: Assignment 6


Develop a program that allows the user to interactively input an arbitrary number of 2D points up to a maximum number (10 to 15?). Draw a single N-th order Bezier curve, where N is the number of control points. Once the curve is drawn, allow the user to pick and move the control points. You may find these two programs useful for your project: pick.c, bezier.c.

Grading Scheme

  1. Interactive input and clearing of control points : 2 points
  2. Drawing an N-th order Bezier curve : 2 points
  3. Picking and moving control points : 3 points
  4. Correctly redrawing Bezier curve with modified control points : 1 point
  5. Make the selected control point follow the cursor (during a button click, hold and release sequence) : 1 point
  6. Continuously update the curve during control point dragging: 1 point

Last modified January 11, 2010.