Interactive Computer Graphics - Assignment 1

Getting Started

Programs for this class will be tested and evaluated on either tux or MacOS.


Mac/Linux OpenGL installation instructions are here.

Download the code found here to get OpenGL software for two programs that display a single red triangle and a single blue square.

This has been modified from the software that is available from Prof. Ed Angel of the University of New Mexico.
His OpenGL software web site can be found here.

Modify red_triangle.cpp to create an image in OpenGL that contains 1 blue square that fits inside the window. You'll need to change/add about 3 lines of code.

You should not use the deprecated functions of OpenGL in this or any other programming assignment.

Submit a zip file that contains a folder with your initials and assignment number, for example ak876_a1.
All your files (source files, Makefile and a README) should be inside this folder.

The README should describe your program and how to use it, and which OS to test it on. Linux (tux) and MacOS are the two options.

The default target of Makefile should compiles and link all the code.

I should be able to unzip your file, 'cd' into your directory, and type 'make' to create a program that I can run.

Grading Scheme

  1. Your code successfully compiles, runs and displays a blue square: 7 points
  2. The square is smaller than the window: 3 points

Last modified January 14, 2017.