Interactive Computer Graphics - Assignment 9

Texture Mapping


This assignment involves writing two programs.
Both involve modifying your HW6 program, which should only support the Phong shading algorithm and the one set of material properties that produces a specular highlight.
Do NOT use any example code from the lecture slides and/or book to generate your texture maps.
  1. In the first program you will modify your HW6 program by placing an image-based texture map on a Bezier patch.
  2. The second program will extend your HW6 program with 3D procedural texturing.

Grading Scheme

  1. 2D image-based texture mapping: 4 points
  2. 3D procedural texture mapping: 4 points
  3. Generated interesting texture maps: 1 point
  4. HW6 features correct: 1 point

Last modified March 22, 2017.