Interactive Computer Graphics - Extra Credit Assignment

Modeling Hierarchy


(10 points)

Create a 3-link SCARA "robot" that is attached to a solid base, rotates around the top of a post (Joint 1), rotates around a revolute joint (Joint 2), and translates along a prismatic joint (Joint 3). See the figure.
The user should be able to choose (either via a menu selection or a button click) which joint to modify,
The chosen joint angle should then be modifiable via user input (either via keyboard or mouse input).
You should enforce proper constraints on the joints 2 and 3, so that the arm does not collide with itself and/or come apart.
Your model should be flat-shaded and include the viewing controls from previous assignments.




Grading Scheme

  1. Proper robot behavior: 6 points
  2. Joint selection & modification: 1 point
  3. Joint contraints: 2 points
  4. Proper shading and viewing: 1 point

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