CS 480/680 - Interactive Computer Graphics

Fall 2005

Description: This is a projects-oriented class that will introduce the concepts of interactive computer graphics. Students will learn the details of the OpenGL (OGL) graphics system by implementing weekly programming assignments. The course will culminate with a small, student-defined programming project. Graduate students will also be expected to give a presentation based on an interactive computer graphics research paper.

Topics covered by the programming assignments include

Prerequisite - Computer Graphics I (CS 430/536)

Location - University Crossings 149

Time - Thursday, 6:00 PM &rarr 8:50 PM





Late Policy


Assignments due Fridays at 9:59PM

Students must work on the assignments individually. Each assignment consists of program source code, an executable that runs on tux and a readme file that describes the features of the assignment and how to run it. The programming assignments must be submitted on the class WebCT page before 11:59 PM on the due date. Note: If the TA or instructor finds strong evidence of cheating on assignments, the student(s) involved will receive an "F" in the course, and a memo describing the cheating will be added to their record. Note: Your source code for all programming assignments will be run through a plagiarism detection system. This program uses compiler techniques, which are invariant of syntax and style. If you are sharing/borrowing code with other classmates, you will get caught.


Presentation Schedule


Week 1 - 9/29/05

Week 2 - 10/6/05

Week 3 - 10/13/05

Week 4 - 10/20/05

Week 5 - 10/27/05

Week 6 - 11/3/05

Week 7 - 11/10/05

Week 8 - 11/17/05

Week 9 - 12/1/05

Week 10 - 12/8/05

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