CS 432/637 - Interactive Computer Graphics

Spring 2015

Description: This is a projects-oriented class that will introduce the concepts of interactive computer graphics. Students will learn the details of the OpenGL (OGL) graphics system by implementing weekly programming assignments. Graduate students will also be expected to read and summarize two research papers.

Topics covered by the programming assignments include

Prerequisites - CS 260 and (MATH 200 or MATH 201 or MATH 261 or ENGR 231)

Location - Korman 105D

Time - Wednesday, 6:00 PM → 8:50 PM




Resources from Prof. Ed Angel

OpenGL On-line Documentation


I intend to use the standard grading scale of 100 → 90 (A), 89 → 80 (B), 79 → 70 (C), 69 → 60 (D), else (F).
Please also note that incompletes will not be given for this course.

Late Policy


Assignments due Thursdays at 11:59 PM

All programming assignments must use the shader-based functionality of OpenGL.
Therefore you should not use any of the deprecated features of the API, e.g. glBegin, glEnd, glVertex3f, etc.

Students must work on the assignments individually. Each assignment consists of program source code, a makefile that creates an executable that runs on tux (i.e. under Ubuntu), and a README file that describes the features of the assignment and how to run it. The README should also describe what computer, OS and compiler you used to implement your program. The programming assignments must be submitted on the class Bb Learn site.

Each program must print to the console what it does and how to use its interface. 2 points will be subtracted from the assignment's grade if this is not included.

Note: If the TA or instructor finds strong evidence of cheating on assignments, the student(s) involved will receive an "F" in the course, and a memo describing the cheating will be added to their record. Note: Your source code for all programming assignments will be run through a plagiarism detection system. This program uses compiler techniques, which are invariant of syntax and style. If you are sharing/borrowing code with/from other classmates (from this or previous years), you will get caught.

See the CS Department's Academic Integrity Policy for more information.

For all assignments submit a zip file that contains your source files, a makefile and a README file. The TA should be able to unzip the files, make it, and run your program.

Research Paper Summary

Final Exam

June 10 at 6:00 PM.

Short answer format.

Link to Recorded Lectures


Week 1 - 4/1/15

Week 2 - 4/8/15

Week 3 - 4/15/15

Week 4 - 4/22/15

Week 5 - 4/29/15

Week 6 - 5/6/15

Week 7 - 5/13/15

Week 8 - 5/20/15

Week 9 - 5/27/15

Week 10 - 6/3/15

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