CS 636 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

Assignment 1

Implement a simple perspective ray tracer that intersects rays with spheres and triangle meshes.

Generate your rays with the method described in the first lecture.

You can find a number of SMF triangle mesh models here.

Use constant coloring to shade the objects, i.e., mark the pixels that intersect your objects with one color, and mark the remaining pixels with a second color.

Your image should contain at least one sphere and one non-cube, non-sphere triangle mesh, and be at least 512x512 in resolution.

Post your image (in TIFF or PNG format) on a web site with the associated computation time.

Upload your software to Bb Learn.

Your image should look something like this.

In this image I've used a right-handed coordinate system with Y up, Z to the left and X coming out of the screen.

I read in bound-bunny_1k.smf without applying any transformations.
The spheres have radius 0.4 and are translated to [0,0,1] and [0,0,-1].

The camera location is at [3,0,0].

The camera view direction is [-1,0,0].

The camera view up vector is [0,1,0]

The horizontal camera view angle is 56 degrees.

Image resolution is [512,512]

E-mail the URL of the web site to david AT cs DOT drexel DOT edu and upload your software before the deadline.

Last modified on May 7, 2012.