CS 636 - Advanced Rendering Techniques

Assignment 6

Modify your shading equation to be more in line with the Hall model.

Add reflections to your ray tracer.

Create a scene that contains at least two spheres and three non-box triangle meshes, with at least one of each being reflective, and at least two lights, with one being white. Also add a "floor" that your shadows can be seen on. Be sure to position your objects in way that something is reflected in your reflective objects (at least one sphere and one mesh).
Your scene should also demonstrate that you can produce multiple reflections between objects.
I.e. the recursion depth of your ray tree should be at least 6.

Use adaptive supersampling with two levels of subdivision.

Post your image (in TIFF or PNG format with at least 1024x1024 resolution) in its native resolution (i.e. don't set their size in html) on a web site, with the associated computation time and shading parameter values.

Tell me which file(s) contain(s) your reflection code. Direct me to the exact functions and lines in the files.

Upload your software to Bb Learn.

E-mail the URL of the web site to david AT cs DOT drexel DOT edu and upload your software before the deadline.

You can find SMF triangle mesh models here.

Last modified on March 30, 2020.