Rachel Greenstadt

rachel.a.greenstadt at drexel edu
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University Crossings 140
Drexel University

I am looking for new Ph.D. students! If you want to work with me, apply to Drexel and mention me in your essay.

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Drexel University, where I research the privacy and security properties of intelligent systems and the economics of electronic privacy and information security. My work is at "layer 8" of the network—analyzing the content. I run the Privacy, Security, and Automation Laboratory (PSAL) which is a vibrant group of ten researchers.

PSAL is a research group focused on designing more trustworthy intelligent systems—systems that act not only autonomously, but also with integrity, so that they can be trusted with important data and decisions. The lab takes a highly interdisciplinary approach to this research, incorporating ideas from artificial intelligence, psychology, economics, data privacy, and system security. However, a common thread of this work has been studying information flow, trustworthiness, and control. Recently, much of our work has focused on using machine learning to better understand textual communication. This work has often been featured in the press.

I advise the Drexel Women in Computing Society.