Funded Projects

Sponsor Title Scope Duration PIs/Co-Is
NSFSaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: Measuring the Value of Anonymous Online Participation$820,1432017-21A.Forte, M. Hill
DARPAAttribution of Malicious Binaries$599,7292017-19
ARLAttribution of Source Code and Binaries$720,9302017-20
AROStylistic Attribution of Source Code and Binaries$101,9442015-17
GoogleATAP Active Authentication$42,2402014-15
AROStylometry of Source Code$28,2172014-15
DARPAMobile Active Authentication via Linguistic Modalities$572,1832013-14M.Kam
NSFEAGER: Cybercrime Science$199,6542013-15V. Garg, A. Forte
NSFCAREER: Privacy Analytics for End-Users in a Big Data World$481,5302013-18
DARPAActive Authentication via Linguistic Modalities$699,3792012-13M. Kam, P. Juola
IntelSecure Computing Research for User's Benefit$540,0002011-14ISTC
AFRL/BBN Behavior-Based Access Control $292,5882011-14
DARPA CSSG Phase II: Adversarial Linguistic Analysis$393,3992011-13
DARPA CSSG Phase I: Investigating the Limitations and Potential of Automated Linguistic Analysis $99,9262010-11
NSFA Framework for Wireless Network Security Based on Reconfigurable Antennas$359,5062010-13K. Dandekar, J. Walsh
NSFInvestigating Diversity in Online Community Filtering$95,8222010-12J. Rode

Research Projects