The purpose of the next lab is to gain understanding of database concepts and hands-on experience working with a relational database created in LibreOffice Base.

The purpose of this pre-lab exercise is to prepare you for the work that will be done in the lab. In essence, the pre-lab exercise is to

  1. acquire and install LibreOffice (which includes Base)

  2. examine and familiarize yourself with a Base database that will be used for the lab
  3. collect some information you and your group will use in the group lab exercise.


This pre-lab activity requires the use of Base database software, which is provided as part of LibreOffice.The LibreOffice software is available for various machines and operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.

Visit to obtain LibreOffice .

Install LibreOffice on your home machine. Be certain to install Base (Base should be included in the install).

A has been created for you using Base, part of the LibreOffice.org suite. The LibreOffice software should be installed on all the machines in the lab.

Download the sample database by clicking the link, and saving it in a reasonable location on your machine. If LibreOffice has been installed on the machine you are using, it automatically recognizes that this file should be opened with Base if not right click and select open with LibreOffice Base. Open the file. Once Base has opened the file you should see a window similar to the one below.

Opening the database with LibreOffice Base

On your lab sheet, record any difficulties that you had downloading or opening the file.

If your database window doesn't look exactly like the one you see above (showing two existing tables called "Games" and "Players" in the bottom-right panel), you may need to click on the "Tables" icon in the navigation panel on the left. This database contains information from the . One table contains a partial list of players who were invited to the competition; the other records the outcomes of some of the games played. Double click first on the list of players.

There should be 9 players in the table. Scan the information and decide how the table is organized. In particular, what determined the order of the players? Record your answer. When you are done, examine the other table to see the listing of games. How many games has each player played so far? Click on the "Reports" icon in the navigation panel on the left. A report named "Summary Report" should appear in the document panel on the bottom right. Why is no information displayed for Kim Clijsters?

We will continue to work with this database in the lab exercise this week. In the meantime, you may wish to explore and experiment with Base and this database example.

You are to record the names of 5 films, for use in your group lab. For each, you should also find the name of the director, year of release, and names of actors and actresses in the film. You should have at least two films with the same director, and at least two films that have the same actor or actress in them. For reliable infomration, you may wish to consult the . Record this information on your lab sheet, and bring it to lab.

NOTE: Remember to bring the movie information with you to the lab. (You will not be able to retrieve this info from the Bb Learn server after you submit this pre-lab exercise.)