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Talks I've given

Slides from talks are a miserable way to communicate much of anything unless the speaker is present. (If not, what did the speaker add?) Nonetheless, people sometimes ask for my slides, so they are here.

A more useful justification for this page is that I sometimes provide additional information for talks here.
Date Subject Notes
13 May 2005 LaTeX, EGA version The source code for this presentation
A template for doing a thesis at Drexel. Updated, improved, and with documentation: 1 May 2007
17 Feb 2005 LaTeX Start here: The Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX2e by Tobias Oetiker et al.
Also look at these: tips,    Getting Started    Jason Rennie's page    LaTex FAQ    TeX intro    Examples    Norm Matloff    LaTeX Resources    Hypertext help

The talk was prepared with the foils package.

Here's a template for homework assignments.

9 Feb 2005 ETSP / Lazy Robot An O(n^3) algorithm for an exact solution of the ETSP in the presence of two polygonal obstacles.
22 Jan 2004 Cryptar A cryptographic, untrusting backup algorithm (and software).

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